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Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent Adoptions Lawyer In Anchorage

Stepparent adoption often makes formal a relationship that has existed for some time. Many stepparents have been acting as parents to their stepchildren for years; the adoption just gives them the status to do so legally. Among other things, it gives them the same rights as biological parents when it comes to divorce and being able to maintain custody if the biological parent dies.

At the office of Lisa B. Nelson, Lisa will guide you through the process of adopting a stepchild.

From Stepparent To Parent

Lisa will answer your questions and ensure everything is done properly through the steps required for a stepparent adoption, including:

  • Filing the petition for adoption
  • Obtaining consent from the biological parent married to the stepparent
  • Obtaining consent from the other biological parent
  • Obtaining consent from the child, if he or she is 10 or older
  • Obtaining consent from the child’s guardian, if there is anybody else who has guardianship of the child
  • Securing and completing all other required documentation, such as birth certificates and descriptions of the biological parent, especially if there are any problems such as lack of an original birth certificate or no contact with the biological parent
  • Preparing for the hearing for the adoption, and arranging for a convenient way for you to attend

One of the more difficult and delicate steps our lawyer can help you through is that of communicating with biological parents who are difficult to find, or who are reluctant to consent to a stepparent adoption.

For many stepparent adoptions, we emphasize the best interests of the children involved. We are also sensitive to biological parents’ need to have some place in their children’s lives, and to work out a way that the biological parent can still be a part of their lives after the adoption, if they want to.

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