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Private Adoption

Private Adoption Attorney In Anchorage

Private adoption is carried out between individuals, not through a public agency like the Office of Children’s Services. Sometimes private adoption agencies are involved in OCS adoptions, in which there may be extensive steps to follow, a private adoption may be much more informal. It can also be considerably more expensive. It just depends on each set of circumstances.

A private adoption may be open or closed. In an open adoption, the child will know the birth parents and may have contact with them.

Private Adoption

A private adoption may take a long time, depending on the availability of suitable children. It may also take a long time for birth parents to decide that you are a good match for their child.
If you are going through an agency, there may also be various steps to go through, such as application forms, workshops, home studies and setting up a portfolio for prospective birth parents. You may also have to give references, and allow visits to your home after the adoption.

At the office of Lisa B. Nelson, she will discuss:

  • The pros and cons of open adoption versus closed adoption.
  • Termination of the birth parent’s parental rights, and how to ensure that it is obtained properly so that your adoption can proceed.
  • Additional requirements and administrative issues if you are adopting a child from a different state.
  • Additional concerns if a parent and/or child are members of an Alaskan tribe.
  • Counseling and resources for adoptive and birth parents and children, including resources to deal with infertility or grief of a birth parent.
  • Any concerns unique to your situation, particularly if you are a single parent, in the military or a GLBT couple.
  • What happens if either side changes their mind, and how long they have to change their minds.
  • What will happen when you go to court.
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