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OCS Adoptions

Adoptions Through The Office Of Children’s Services

Adoption through Alaska’s Office of Children’s Services (OCS) is one of the more common forms of adoption in our office.

Because of Lisa’s background as an attorney for the OCS in Anchorage, she has an in-depth knowledge of the procedures and priorities of the OCS, and an excellent working relationship with the office and its staff.

Together, Lisa and the OCS can work to make sure your adoption proceeds smoothly and your children are taken care of.

All children need stability and a permanent family that cares about their welfare. Children who are adopted through the OCS often have troubled backgrounds and a greater need than most for a permanent family. It is our hope that, by working with the OCS, adoptive families — and birth families, if appropriate — can quickly formalize a lifelong bond between these children and parents who will take care of them and give them a brighter future.

She will work to expedite your adoption, to give your children the stability they need as soon as possible.

A Permanent Home

Lisa will go over many of the special characteristics of OCS adoptions, including:

  • Background of the children: Many of our children are from troubled backgrounds, and may be dealing with issues of abuse or neglect. Some may be involved with the OCS through the Indian Child Welfare Act. It’s important for adoptive families to understand their children’s needs in order to meet them. We can also help you connect with resources in the community to support you after adoption.
  • Guardianship and adoption: As a parent already involved with the OCS, you may be wondering whether you should choose guardianship or adoption for your child. Both are permanent commitments to your child, and both give the child a place in your family. We can discuss the differences, and help you make the right choice for your family.
  • Home studies: We will help you understand the process of undergoing home studies when you are involved with the OCS, and guide you through it successfully.
  • Subsidies: If your child has special physical, mental or emotional needs, the OCS may be able to help you financially so that you can better meet those needs. We can help you apply for a subsidy through the OCS.
Contact Lisa B. Nelson

If you are involved with the OCS, or considering adopting a child through the OCS, call the office at 907-771-8300 or contact online.