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Why Hire An Adoption Lawyer?

Why Hire An Adoption Lawyer?

Your family needs stability. The sooner you are able to bring your children home and legally be considered a family, the sooner you will all be able to go on with your life. Your family also needs to know that once an adoption is done, you will not be forced to deal with it again because of mistakes made in the process.

An adoption lawyer can make the process go faster and much more smoothly, helping you through any problems such as obtaining consents to adopt from biological parents. As an experienced trial lawyer, Lisa B. Nelson can help settle any difficult issues out of court, or defend your interests in court, if necessary.

Not Just About Paperwork

As an experienced adoption attorney, Lisa B. Nelson can:

  • Work closely with the Office of Children’s Services (OCS) to facilitate foster care adoptions and guardianships
  • Explain the pros and cons of guardianship versus adoption to families.
  • Ensure that all requirements of the ICPC are fulfilled for adoptive parents who live outside of Alaska
    Understand all of the requirements of Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) as it applies to guardianship and adoption, and work closely with tribes to facilitate the process, respecting the needs of parents, children, extended families and tribes.
  • Help adoptive parents and birth parents access the resources often needed during and after the process of adoption.
  • Help adoptive parents understand home studies and their requirements.
  • Understand various special cases of adoption, such as adoption for military families, GLBT families, single parents, and adoption for parents and children with special needs including issues of drug and alcohol addiction and family violence.

One of the more important aspects of adoption work involves obtaining consents to adopt from birth parents. This office is able to get in contact with birth parents and communicate with them compassionately on this subject, respecting their needs and rights.

Lisa understand that this is a delicate process. She works to ensure that adoptions are not derailed by birth parents changing their minds at a later date because not enough care was taken to make sure they knew what they were doing.

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