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Guardianship of a Minor

Attorney For Minor Guardianships In Anchorage


Guardianship of a minor is similar to adoption, in that it is a legally binding and permanent relationship between you and your child.

Often, we process guardianships as a result of a tragedy, such as an accident that leaves a child without his or her parents and in need of care. At the office of Lisa B. Nelson, she knows that often time is of the essence and a guardianship of a minor must take place quickly in order to protect the child. Potential guardians are often the child’s relatives.

Lisa has extensive experience with the process and a close working relationship with many of the people involved in approving guardianships. She often able to settle the issue quickly and efficiently.


Becoming A Legal Guardian


As a guardian, you will be responsible for the physical care of your children, decide where they will live and be responsible for their discipline, food, shelter, education and medical care.

If you take guardianship of a foster child, you will no longer be under OCS supervision or receive foster care payments after becoming his or her guardian. You may still receive a guardianship subsidy.

Before you decide whether to pursue guardianship or adoption, Lisa will explain to you some of the differences between the two, such as:

  • Parental rights of birth parents: Under guardianship, birth parents may still have/retain parental rights. Their rights are not terminated; they are only suspended.
  • Permanence: Both relationships are considered permanent, but under a guardianship birth parents may apply to take the child back if their rights have not been terminated.
  • Inheritance: Adopted children have the same rights of inheritance as biological children. Children under guardianship only inherit if they are mentioned in a will.
  • Names: Generally, adopted children take the last name of their adoptive parents. In guardianships, children keep their original last name.


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