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Adoptions Within Alaska

Adoptions Within Alaska


Lisa B. Nelson’s office has been guiding parents through adoptions within Alaska since 2005. As a resident of Anchorage since the age of 1982 and a 35-year participant in our state’s legal system, Lisa is familiar with the needs of parents and children in Alaska.

Much of a quick, efficient adoption involves knowing the people involved, and knowing how the various parts of the process are done. Every town in Alaska has its own priorities and processes. Knowing the people involved in approving your adoption, and knowing the particular requirements, is essential to getting your adoption to proceed smoothly and efficiently.

This office can help you.


Adopting From Home


Although many parents seek children in other states or internationally, there are many advantages to pursuing Alaskan adoptions through our office.

Lisa worked as a prosecutor for many years, and has represented the OCS. The office is familiar to OCS officials and to members of administrative agencies involved in adoption throughout the state.

  • Lisa is prepared to travel anywhere within the state to facilitate your adoption.
  • The office maintains good working relationships with Alaskan tribes, and is familiar with their priorities and needs.
  • Lisa is dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to facilitate your adoption.
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Call Lisa at 907-771-8300 or contact her online if you are considering adopting a child in Anchorage, or anywhere in Alaska.